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Benefits to sellers

WYDR is India’s first mobile e-commerce platform that helps in connecting wholesales, importers, distributors and manufactures to retailers and bulk buyers. A unique platform that is specifically designed to provide a wholesale online marketplace, WYDR helps sellers expand their reach and cater to a bigger target market.
WYDR provides merchants with a fantastic opportunity to get into online selling without the hassle of dealing with a B2C platform. WYDR has a suite of features designed specifically to meet the needs of wholesale distributors, manufacturers and wholesale bulk buyers. Technology modules like Catalog Management, Order Management, Fulfillment Management, Inventory Manager, Billing & Payment, User Roles management allow merchants to in effect have their own online b2b wholesale store at WYDR. WYDR helps merchants get access to a bigger target market, it removes any needs for marketing on the part of seller, it provides a secure payment setup and it also handles the logistics.

Features that help you manage your effort better:

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My Net

Add your existing business contacts.Manage your business with ease.

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Smart Leads

Buyers post business queries.Sellers generate new business.

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Smart Search

Look for information across Chats,Connections,Business Leads,Products and Sellers.

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My Favorites

Mark all your important chats,products, sellers and leads for easy access.

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Manage Team

Add team members. Seamlessly integrate business across members

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Quick Launch

Quick access to your most important and common tasks.

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My Orders

Easily manage the orders you receive.

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High Five

Business Deals often need negotiation. Use this tool to lock a new price or quantity.

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Wydr Cash

Earn 1 point on every Rs 100 Spent! Redeem on any future Purchase

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Wydr Coupon

Exciting new discounts for buyers with new Coupon system


" With Wydr I have gained access to a very large number of retailers and bulk buyers. They have helped manufacturers like me leverage business through the online platform. "

-Mukul Tyagi
Merchant ( MDM India, Noida )

" Currently, there is no other platform like WYDR. They have introduced an entirely new concept in the B2B –selling products in wholesale online. Wydr has helped me expand my business and I really like it."

-Pawan Chawla
Merchant ( iLiv Decor, Panipat )

" Great deals and low prices make Wydr an attractive platform for B2B. Another thing that I really like about them is their customer support system, the team is highly professional and very efficient at handling problems. "

-Gajubi Sen
Retailer ( Rudra Multi Services, Nanded )







Who can sell on Wydr?
Wydr is a first of its kind B2B Wholesale marketplace, in India. If you are a manufacturer, a brand owner, a retailer/reseller, a franchise holder or a distributor, you can sell on Wydr.

What do I need to start selling online?
Once you’ve registered as a seller on Wydr, you need to showcase your products online by uploading pictures and product descriptions. Setting up an online store gives you a platform to sell your products, but you need to update it regularly to bring buyers’ attention.

Where can I learn about the policies of Wydr?
Please refer to the‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Policies & Rules’ on We strongly encourage you to read all the terms and policies of Wydr to help develop a trusted and safe marketplace.

How can I manage my online store at Wydr?
After you’ve successfully registered, you will have complete administrative access to your online store at You can login anytime, anywhere, using an Internet connection to upload new products, change existing quantity or pricing, manage orders & inventory, along with various other benefits.

How can I upload my products online?
You can upload your products either through Wydr Seller Zone or Wydr App. Once you register as a business user, you will have access to upload products. How can I change or manage my product listings at Wydr? You can easily change your product description, price, quantity, selling format, MOQ, inventory etc. from anywhere. You can do it by logging on Wydr seller zone using your username and password, via desktop, mobile or tablet.

Who provides the customer service?
Wydr provides you the technology, on sale, pre-sale, payments, logistics, returns and customer services. Wydr takes care of all your marketplace needs. Who does the customer contact for post-sales services? The product related issues are to be handled directly by sellers. Wydr is not equipped to handle any product or manufacturer related issues, repairs, maintenance and/or services.

Can I manage my online store through a mobile phone?
Absolutely, you can perform most of the actions using Wydr app. Wydr is the only e-commerce app in India that caters to buyers and sellers simultaneously.

Can I manage my online store through a mobile phone?
Absolutely, you can perform most of the actions using Wydr app. Wydr is the only e-commerce app in India that caters to buyers and sellers simultaneously.

What is the cost for selling on Wydr?
At Wydr, there is absolutely no cost for setting up your store. You only pay a percentage of your final sale value depending on the category you are selling.

Here are the three components of pricing for our sellers -

Set-up Fee - Setting up your store on Wydr is FREE. There is NO set-up fee.
Listing Fee - We do not charge for the product listings or online storefront. If you want more visibility or run promotions, we offer several marketing programs or preferred placement opportunities at a fee.
Selling Service Fee - A selling service fee is charged upon a successful execution of a transaction. You pay us a percentage of your final sale value, only once the sale is successfully completed. Please contact us on [email protected] for further details on our “Category wise percentage structure".

How do I price my items?
As Wydr is a B2B wholesale marketplace, pricing your products is the most important thing for your business to grow. We understand the functioning of the wholesale market in India and accordingly we have provided various pricing formats like MOQ based pricing, slab based pricing, odd-lot pricing, chat for price etc. Get the complete information about these pricing formats under Wydr University section on your Wydr seller zone dashboard.

Can you offer marketing solutions to promote my online store and products at Wydr?
Yes. We offer a full suite of digital marketing services and preferred placements for you to grow your business at Wydr. Please contact us at [email protected] or ask your account manager for these services.

Is there an opportunity for preferred placements?
Yes, you can contact [email protected] for preferred product placements at various sections on our home page.

What are the best practices to sell online?
Please refer for all the best practices and tips to sell online.

What payment options do you offer?
We offer all the popular online payment options such as credit card, debit card, net banking & cash on delivery (COD) etc.

What is required on the sellers' end to accept payment?
We process online payments on sellers’ behalf and send the money to the seller after deducting our selling service fees. Merchants do not have to deal with online payments as we take care of it. Merchants need to provide us their banking details and accounting information so that we set-up an online bank transfer for them.

When should I expect my payments from Wydr?
Payment is made twice a week. Every Tuesday & every Friday, the amount for all completed orders during the relevant duration, after deduction of service fee, will be electronically transferred to your given bank account.

Who is responsible for collecting and paying VAT/CST?
Sellers are responsible for collecting and paying the accurate VAT/CST. Wydr only provides online channel and communication platform that connects sellers and buyers but the buying and selling are the contract between buyers and sellers. The merchant should keep the Selling Price inclusive of all taxes.

When does an order become eligible for a payment to Wydr Seller?
As soon as buyer receives the order, the payment for that order will be credited to your bank account on the coming Tuesday or Friday whichever comes first.

Who manages shipping at Wydr?
We have leading logistics companies as partners who offer seamless shipping services. Wydr coordinates with them to provide you best delivery experience.

How will I know that the product is delivered to the buyer?
You can check the delivery status of all orders under the 'Orders' tab in the Wydr seller zone.

What is the return policy at Wydr?
Wydr’ return policy builds trust and ensures the safety of its customers. When a delivered product is wrong in color, size, and quantity or not genuine, not new or significantly different than the listed description or has a manufacturing defect, a customer can return it to the seller for a full refund including shipping charges if any. Contact [email protected] for more info.

How Wydr is different from other e-commerce players in the market?
Wydr provides a bunch of features which are exclusively suitable for Indian wholesale market. Features like MyNet, Chat, HighFive, SmartLeads, ManageTeam, Seller Coupon, multiple selling formats etc are unique from other e-commerce players and specifically help wholesalers, brand owner, and manufacturers to carry out their businesses online in the same fashion as they conduct it offline.